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RINArmenia is the first project in the world to attempt a systemic deployment of the new network architecture – RINA

The goal is to position Armenia as the center on a global scene of RINA-based expertise, knowledge diffusion, testing, and cross-sector practical adoption. 


Recursive InterNetwork Architecture
New computer network architecture, with a back-to-basics approach, proposed as an alternative to the mainstream TCP/IP model. 

The recursive structure scales indefinitely. No more router table size explosion.

With its new back-to-basic architecture approach, RINA is an immutable and common structure with a single recursive layer.

Each layer is a securable container. Firewalls, session border controllers and intrusion systems are not needed.

The overheads of routing are far lower.

You can implement QoS mechanisms within the architecture, not just ‘best effort’.

Minimal ‘necessary and sufficient’ amount of functionality needed.

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